Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Why does DeSantis' Florida Plan' work so well?

When a liberal rag like USAToday starts touting the virtues of conservative administrations, we should all stand up and take notice. This may be a sea-change for them. In this morning's issue, they raised a number of really serious points about why Florida - under conservative Governor Ron DFeSantis - is thriving, when all of the Democrat-run states like New York, Illinois and California are doing so poorly.
It's a fascinating, well written article, and, opinion or not, it's worth digesting Find it here.


  1. His liberal critics ARE learning from this: they'll double down.
    Why? You can't change your mind when you don't have one.

  2. USA Today, last time I looked, came across as a total commie rag, although I haven't bothered to look at one for at least 15 years. I noticed recently that the free USA Today's in hotel lobbies are mostly untouched, if they even have them at all.
    Good riddance.


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