Thursday, June 1, 2023

Annoying Gen Z fame junkies are the latest dooshbags ruining Washingtom Square Park...

Why can't these dooshtools get real jobs?
New York Post reporting - Gen Z and young millennial content creators have invaded Washington Square Park with microphones and camera crews, desperate to find the next viral moment around the iconic fountain.
Chill habitues are Tik’d off at what’s become of the funky, 10-acre, cannabis-infused Greenwich Village mainstay.
“Washington Square Park is known for being unhinged, and I love it. But now, it’s unhinged in an annoying way,” Julia Martin, 22, told The Post. “They’re here and causing a scene.”

Rain or shine, the traffic-hungry TikToker dickbags search for their next target for a shock jock-style ambush interview - a type of content creation on the popular app that’s become overwhelmingly popular in New York.


  1. "Hordes of 'content creators' have taken over Washington Square Park."
    Sounds like a target opportunity. Where's the FBI J6 bomber when you really need him?

  2. All you have to do is show up playing popular music really loud. The Utubers aren't allowed to use music for free and their videos are taken down.


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