Thursday, March 30, 2023

Cat shit is the new villian in California. You can't make THIS shit up...

Toxoplasma is often found in cat feces. Otters, which live along the shoreline on California's Pacific coast, can be exposed to the parasite in rainwater runoff – all four cases scientists studied came in during the heavy rainfall season.
Toxoplasmosis infection is common in sea otters – which have a roughly 60% chance of being infected in their lifetimes and can be fatal, but this strain is of particular concern.
People get paid huge salaries to study this kinda shit. Think about that.


  1. Screw that, our Yanks beat S.F. 5-0 today!!!!

  2. Pfeople should not worry. Pfizer will have a Pfix in 3,2,1

  3. Feral cats and cats that people allow to wander everywhere, are a significant source of runoff pollution. But in every state, factory farming animal waste runoff is also a huge source of water pollution.

  4. Cat lovers vs environmentalists...
    Get your bets in early!

  5. Just wondering why they are blaming cats when there are so many people pooping on the streets which when cleaned runs into the sewer and straight out to sea? Wonder if the author is a cat hater.


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