Thursday, August 11, 2022

What and who can we believe anymore? Certainly nothing about COVID, that's for sure...

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has flip-flopped yet again and further rolled back COVID-19 guidance, announcing Thursday that it no longer recommends people with a known exposure to the virus to enter isolation if they are up-to-date with their vaccines - as if the vaccines actually work, which we all know they don't. 
Instead, the agency recommends wearing a mask in indoor public places and testing for the virus after five days. How fuckin' inane is that advice?

In a release, the agency says that the move is streamlining its COVID-19 guidance. No other changes appear to have been made to the nation's Covid guidelines. Now, a person with a known exposure to the virus is expected to quarantine for at least five days if they are not up-to-date on their vaccines. This means having received at least two booster jabs for people over 50, and at least one booster for younger adults.
The change comes as America's Covid situation remains stagnant and fear of the virus among the population continues to fall. The BA.5 variant-fueled summer surge that many experts feared never materialized and case and death figures have remained in a steady range for months.

Do they lead or do they follow? These people, along with Dr. Fuckface and the WHO (not the band - them I would believe) flip-flop on issues more than a toddler on the beach. 



  1. Rickvid in the Yakima ValleyAugust 11, 2022 at 9:09 PM

    The Fauch, The Greatest Doctor in the All the World of All Time, greater than Dr. Seuss (whom we are supposed to hate for some dumbassed reason now), better than Dr. Pepper, more powerful than Dr. Doolittle, well, The Fauch tossed out the first pitch at the Mariners game (where they beat the NYY 1 - 0 in 13 innings!) was booed heartily by many, though not all, in the crowd. Maybe he should do that more often, to make a microscopic crack of humility in his Wall of Arrogance, and to make for exciting ball games. What could it hurt?

    1. he invented covid in his kitchen. he fessed up...


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