Sunday chillin' tunes? WTF...

No reason not to give 'em a listen. 
This is spectacular. I just found it. Enjoy - 
I'm a big Michael Franks fan... 

Michael Franks - Live from Tokyo

While you're listening, scroll down and have a laugh on me.

Like what you're hearing here? 
There's so much more music to explore with 
Amazon Prime Music - I know - I'm hooked.
Right click on the banner to make it 
open in a new tab and see for yourself:


I realize many of you are still looking for a good source to buy good, 
reasonably priced protective masks instead of those paper pieces of shit 
they sell at the gas station for ridiculous prices.
This seller has these in stock and 
says they do next day shipping.

For men and women. Take a look for yourself:

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  1. Michael awesome...saw him at a local club and sat "maybe" 8' away..."Art of Tea" was my intro to this great talent...


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