I know a hero or two

This N.J. restauranteur took out a 50K credit line to pay his employees during coronavirus crisis.  

Buy his pizza - he's a friend of mine!

If you’re in Belmar (or Bradley Beach or Spring Lake or anywhere close) New Jersey please consider ordering from Federico’s on Main Street. Throw in the chicken wings and some garlic knots and some penne with vodka sauce. 

Keep ordering, because owners Bryan and Michael Morin did something so generous last week, they deserve some good karma -- and, more importantly, greenbacks -- headed their way.

When Gov. Phil Murphy ordered that restaurants close their dining rooms, they knew that they would no longer need most of their employees with the decline in business that was certain to follow. But they also believed that it was unfair to the men and women they considered their second family to hand them pink slips during these tumultuous times.

So Bryan Morin went to the bank, took out a $50,000 line of credit, and made the 20 employees on Federico’s payroll a promise: No matter what happens over the next two months, they would still receive a paycheck.

“My father told us a long time ago: You’ve got to take care of your employees first, because without those employees, you don’t have a business at all,” Morin said. “I definitely owe them a debt -- even if it means I might go into debt.”

Think about that. At a time when hundreds of thousands of waiters, dishwashers and other restaurant employees around the country are losing their jobs, Morin is writing checks to his staff even at a time when he knows his bottom line is going to suffer significantly.

THAT my friends is a true hero. 
And a great guy.

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  1. he should look into SBA
    Another major piece of the bill is $377 billion dedicated to help small businesses (most businesses with 500 employees or less) through emergency loans. These businesses can go and apply at local banks to receive a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan of up to $10 million. If the business uses the money for payroll, the loan obligation is forgiven.

  2. I'm sure he knows about it by now A. Thanks...

  3. I heard they are getting crazy big tips and donations because of their generosity. Good guys!!!!


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