Monday, December 4, 2023

One of the better Second Amendment arguments you'll read about today...

The New York Post ran this story this morning. A Los Angeles homeowner shot and killed a suspected burglar over the weekend after a group of men wearing dark hoodies and masks broke into his home — where a child and grandmother were left rattled by the brazen attempted burglary. The homeowner told police he was inside his home when three or four unknown men wearing “dark clothing, hoodies and masks” broke in. “A suspect pointed a weapon at the victim and while the suspects were inside the residence, the victim produced a firearm and a shooting occurred.” The homeowner then chased the suspects, who are believed to be in their 20s, out of the house. 

The suspects fled on foot and left behind the black BMW sedan they arrived in. Authorities believe one of the suspects who ran away was also injured after spotting a trail of blood at the residence.
It's a very safe bet the bad guys were the 'usual suspects'...


  1. 99.99% sure they were the "usual suspects". Which is bad for the guy defendind his family and property. Charges will be forth coming. It's Crazyfornia.

  2. Wait to see if there are gonna be charges. . .

  3. Undoubtedly the "yutes" were some of them frikkin' Amish gangstas .

  4. Not a burglary. Breaking into a house and pointing a gun at the occupants is a robbery. An armed robbery at that.

    And what do you bet the homeowner will be the one being punished over this?

  5. The homeowner took one out, pronounced dead inside the poor guys house....... Is it them again Yogi? Its always them Boo Boo.