Monday, October 2, 2023

Well that answers that then. There won't be a 'Don and Ron Show' after all...

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says he would not be open to being Donald Trump's vice president if the 2024 presidential hopeful were to ask him. 'No, I'm running for president,' DeSantis said Sunday morning on FOX News. In a recent poll, Trump led DeSantis by 31 points among Iowa GOP Caucus voters.
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  1. What a clown. It would guarantee a victory in 2028. Vivek would make a better choice.

  2. That boat sailed back when DeSantis embraced the Bush machine. He looks like a chump now.

    A better political move: DeSantis should have embraced MAGA, honored his promise to remain governor and thrown support to Trump. He could have made a backroom deal for VP with the understanding Trump would endorse his bid for POTUS for the next round. But that will never happen.

  3. Didn't Comma-La say pretty much the same thing after calling Joe everything but a White Man?