Monday, October 2, 2023

Take my illegals, please. Nope - you keep 'em...


New York Post - An upstate county is saying 'fuck you' to 
New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ in that idiot's bid to shovel the Big Apple homeless illegals north, calling the move yet another flagrant attempt to shift the migrant crisis elsewhere.
The Democrat 'Sanctuary City' mayor announced last week that city housing vouchers for the homeless could be used outside the five boroughs — to open shelter space for the wave of 10's of thousands of illegals flooding into the city from the country’s southern border.
Not taking any of Hizzoner's bullshit, Republican Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente fired back with an emergency order saying no voucher would be accepted on his turf without his say-so — and then only after needy locals get first dibs at any open slots.
“This is just a veiled attempt by Mayor Adams to pass New York City’s migrant crisis on to upstate counties,” Picente said. “This action is due to the complete failure of federal government policy and lack of leadership in Albany.”
Upstate counties have already been pushing back hard against Adams’ earlier attempts to relocate asylum seekers by busing them to other areas of New York.

In other words, you're the one who said New York City should be 
'open to all', so shut up and take your medicine, bitch...

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  1. good. if enough people start standing up to this bullshit. the assholes might slow down on letting everyone in.
    but I doubt it. it like they on a mission from God to destroy this country. dave in pa.


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