Friday, June 2, 2023

If cursing is as healthy for you as they say it is, I'll probably live to be 12...

Why you should give a 'damn' about
 the health benefits of swearing...
New York Post - If you’re not using obscenities on a regular basis, WTF? Swearing is linked to a range of benefits and guys like me and you who swear show signs of greater intelligence. Obscenities are found in all cultures and languages and have likely been with us since the first caveman stubbed his toe. And it probably was a man whi invented all the really good ones, although my wife is capable of coming up with some doozies.
Some experts claim that swearing has usually been associated with soldiers, sailors and other typically male activities, although some female activists kinda dig it, too.

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  1. Started my longevity training in preschool. Teacher went around the room asking for a word that began with the selected letter. Mine was F. Of course my parents were great teachers so I can't take all the credit.


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