Friday, June 2, 2023

Florida Man tries using TikTok to prove how stupid he is - and succeeds... - A 20 year old 'Florida Man - a self-proclaimed 
'TikToker' - was arrested Thursday after he entered a Miami-Dade County high school in order to speak with students for a video he wanted to post on the social media platform.
According to his arrest report, Brent Tyler Alemany, of Miami, went to Miami Coral Reef Senior High School, located at 10101 SW 152nd St., around 8 a.m. Wednesday and began engaging with students, “telling them he was creating a TikTok video and asked students where they go in the building to skip class and if they wished to smoke marijuana with him.”
Miami-Dade Schools Police said the school was placed on a Code Red lockdown and officers from different jurisdictions responded to the school due to Alemany’s actions. They said he was able to flee the campus before getting caught, but students were able to identify him to police through his TikTok page.
Police said Alemany was taken into custody Thursday at his home and provided a confession, however his full statement to police was redacted from the publicly released report. 

Alemany faces charges of burglary and interference with an educational institution.

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