Friday, June 9, 2023

How much do you know about whiskey? Here's a guide...


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  1. spent 4 weeks at a military school in Scotland many years ago. the ONLY good part was the weekends.
    the RSM would pack us on a bus and take us to some little distillery and we "sample" the local scotch.
    in simple terms, there are two types of scotch. one that is made with love and stored right until aged right
    say smaller outfits. and the second that makes millions of gallons and stores it in some warehouse to protect the good name of scotch whisky - I.E. Johnnie Walker= paint thinner at best. used to work with some guys who bought Johnnie blue. like 100 bucks and more. pure crap ! after I gave them some of my scotch whisky, they stop wasting their money on that shit whisky. dave in pa.

  2. Whiskey is somewhat drinkable if it is Rye. Irish whisky is my kryptonite. TN whiskey is barely drinkable. Canadian whiskey is garbage. Bourbon is barely drinkable. Scotch whisky has 5 regions that produce 5 different styles of whisky all of which are very drinkable in moderation.


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