Friday, June 9, 2023

The stories - and pictures - of this guy just keep getting creepier...

What does this guy have on his father that no one is willing - or capable - of locking him up for all of the crazy shit he's done?
Read this article in the Post. It's scary, but the pics are even scarier:


  1. one must figure they get whatever they want out of "his dad" with all of the shit they have on the both of them
    after watching the shit show in the DC sewer it is very easy to understand why most people loathe them.
    really, if a nuke fell on Dc most people in this country would cheer.
    you would be amazed how people talk about them in town. there is a LOT of anger towards those assholes.
    hear it every time I buy gas or food shopping in town. dave in pa.

  2. Hunter Biden is the quintessential sleazeball.


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