Saturday, January 28, 2023

Okay - we have a winner for the 'Stupid Sports Olympics'...


These are the men - and some pretty bad-ass women - in the business of making us cringe as they risk their lives en route to being crowned 'slap fighting' champion. Many are trained in other mixed martial arts sports, and have waded into unfamiliar territory with this 'up and coming' sport. The aim of the game is simple: slap your opponent hard enough that they aren't able to slap you back. 
They are not allowed to move, flinch, or defend themselves. As a result, the injuries are often brutal. The sport is becoming monetised over time, but there's still not enough in the winnings for competitors to leave their day jobs, and one league still keeps earnings confidential.

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  1. We aren't very far from real gladiator games again, are we?


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