Thursday, January 26, 2023

It's not just in Florida where the cops are screwing each other...

She certainly doesn't look like any of the female cops in the 
porn videos that I accidently ran across when searching 
background for this story. You believe me, right?

New York Post - The Tennessee cop who was fired for having sex with six other officers while on duty has been offered $10,000 to perform for one night at a Nashville strip club.
After hearing about ex-cop Maegan Hall’s shocking sexcapades - which included sending explicit pictures, taking her top off “Girls Gone Wild” style, and sleeping with a colleague and his wife - Deja Vu Showgirls asked the married 26-year-old to take the stage. “We want her at Deja Vu Nashville on March 17th. Two shows. $5,000 per show,” the club’s regional director, Michael Durham, told Scoop Nashville.
“I get the moral outrage,” Durham noted. “However, she is no longer an employee of the La Vergne Police Department. She can now choose what is best for her financially.” If Hall were to perform at the club, it would be for its 34th-anniversary party on March 17.

An internal investigation revealed how Hall, who told her colleagues she was in an “open marriage”, allegedly performed oral sex on colleagues while on duty and had several affairs. The illicit encounters took place at hotels, parties, and other officers’ houses, as well as on the clock and at the La Vergne police station.
The steamy scandal led to Hall’s firing and the dismissal of Sgt. Lewis Powell, Officer Juan Lugo, Sgt. Ty McGowan and Detective Seneca Shields - all of whom engaged in sexual relations with her.
Do NOT google 'gang bang cops. Trust me.


  1. Not *nearly* good looking enough.

  2. If you do not teach your daughter what real love is, then she will go out and make stupid decisions like this trying to find it. Like too many females today she feels prettiest when covered in layers of fake up.

  3. It is a sad man indeed who cannot honestly say, "Done Worse".


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