Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Planning for the inevitable...


What Do When The Power Is Out During a Storm 

1) Get out the board games. Often, we are too caught up in the hustle and bustle to enjoy actual family time. Seize the moment and  enjoy a board game together - something like Monopoly with real money, or Slap Checkers, where you get to hit your opponent every time you take one of their checkers. 

2) Workbooks, puzzles, or coloring books are a waste of time. Play strip poker with your grandparents. They will definitely resort to cheating at some point.
3)Bring back charades!  Playing charades is one of the easiest ways I know to piss people off, especially when you never let them guess the answer. 
4) Get out some instruments and make very bad, very loud music. Perform your own personal concert, especially if you suck at it. Make sure the windows are open so the neighbors can share in the fun. 

5) Use your artistic skills and spend time drawing, painting, or crafting on each others arms and faces with indelible markers. This certainly was a highlight of our last family dinner
6) Play 'Hide the Salami. 
7) Make a comic book. You could do these individually or together as a family, but make all of the characters are naked or stoned, or both. 
8) Play hangman or tic-tac-toe. It's a kid's game, but if you play for money they can be pretty cut-throat. Try it.
9) Play trivia. Make your own questions!
Even better, make up bullshit trivia and make your family try to prove it's bullshit. 
10) Play Hide the Salami again
11) Get out a bottle of rot-gut rum. Play Do It Or Die. If they make a face when they do a shot, you get to punch them really fuckin' hard. (I just invented that game). 

12) Visit with friends. Get to know your neighbors. Take a walk, especially when the wind is over 50mph. See how long you can stand up. 
13) Embrace the opportunity for precious family time. Communicate. Tell your kids and grandkids what really pisses you off. Then throw them out of the house.
14) Sleep. Who says getting a little extra shut-eye is a stupid idea, especially after all the scotch is gone? 

15) Wake up and play Hide the Salami again. This time try hiding it with someone else. That makes it a long more interesting.

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  1. You had five other things that you would rather do first ????


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