Saturday, July 30, 2022

Want a little Hustler magazine nostalgia? Here ya go...

The remains of Hustler pornographer Larry Flynt's private jet (right and inset) are for sale online at a fraction of its original price. The so-called 'King of Smut' (left, with Hustler models) owned at least four private jets, including a $35million 2006 Gulfstream G-IV, which has been put up for sale on Facebook Marketplace with a price tag of just $18,000 in Florida. The black jet has the word Hustler, after the porn magazine Flynt set up, emblazoned on the site in gold capital letters. Aeroplane salvage hunter Ozzie Saez put the Hollywood porn king's plane on Facebook Marketplace this month for just $18,000. It is available to be picked up from its hangar in Valrico, Florida.

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