Saturday, June 25, 2022

A Federal Court ruling you can actually agree with these days? Unheard of...

A federal appeals court has agreed to halt the FDA's ban on Juul products thanks to a lawsuit filed by the e-cigarette manufacturer. 
Juul asked a federal court Friday to block a government order to stop selling its electronic cigarettes, and was told the application had succeeded.
The temporary freeze on the FDA order lasts at least until July 12, according to the court's scheduling order. 
The pause gives Juul time to argue for why the order should be placed on hold for a longer amount of time pending the court's review of it. The D.C. Circuit can extend the pause on the agency's order, or it can let the order take effect while Juul's appeal is pending. 
The e-cigarette maker had earlier asked the court to pause what it calls an 'extraordinary and unlawful action' by the Food and Drug Administration that would require it to immediately halt its business.
I'm not for or against the use of these things - I think it's kinda weird, but whatever floats your boat that doesn't step on my foot, go for it.
 It bothers me, though, that there is no outside-of-the-box thinking here on the part of the FDA. If you want them banned because kids are using them, then you also have to ban cigarettes, beer, internet porn and a million other things that are 'made for adults' but the kids still see them and use them. The product was not marketed to kids - it is/was/and always has been marketed as a safer alternative to cigarette smoking and a device to be used by people who want to kick their ciggy habit. Nothing else.

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