Monday, May 16, 2022

I gotta get me one of them 'Watch Otters'

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – When you think of otters, you might think of the cute and cuddly animals often seen flipping through the water.
Well, this otter might be cute and cuddly but it wasn’t having anything to do with a coyote in a Seminole County neighborhood. Heil said in her Facebook post she was taking a walk on Sunday at 9 a.m. with her pet when she spotted the odd interaction.
Tina Heil, a resident of Fern Park, just north of Orlando in Seminole County, said she was out walking her cat when she spotted the otter darting towards the coyote. Heil told Storyful she was “watching them go back and forth” for about 30 minutes, adding that “there were several chases”.
Heil said she recently started seeing the coyotes in the area, and believes a pack may be living nearby. Otters “mosey” in a nearby river, she said.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says coyotes are present in all of Florida’s 67 counties but “are typically shy and elusive”, However, encounters between humans and coyotes were becoming more common due to developments. 
The otter certainly held its ground. As you can see in the video, 
it chases the coyote away, goes back and waits for it again before heading off into the brush.
“Mr Coyote did not seem to be to scared of me at 9 am,” Heil wrote on Facebook, where she posted this footage.


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