Tuesday, May 17, 2022

'Florida Man' can be very creative. Just not this time...

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - Did he get away with that? A man in Brevard County has been caught red handed after video shows him stuffing a crossbow down his pants.
Video posted to the Brevard County Sheriff's Office Facebook page shows a man walking around a True Value Store, located off US Highway 1 and Dunn Street, shoving items into his pants.
Deputies said employees from the store discovered that two crossbows had been stolen. Upon reviewing video surveillance footage, deputies say Darren Durrant, 47, walked into the store, stole a pair of cutting tools off the shelf, and then cut the zip ties off of a Ravin Rio Crossbow. He put the crossbow in his pants and he was able to leave the store unnoticed.
Deputies say Durrant was found a couple days later in the parking lot of a nearby Walgreens. Authorities say as deputies approached Durrant, he began to flee on foot, but didn't get very far.
Durrant was arrested under a search warrant for felony petit theft. Throughout the investigation, deputies learned the 47 year old has two prior felony theft convictions.
Durrant is currently being held in the Seminole County Jail on an unrelated burglary charge. He is expected to face charges in Brevard County for felony petit theft.

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  1. who is the girl with the crossbow shooting like that ?

  2. Are you sure that is a true Florida man and not a snowbird?

  3. The girl was on some BBC game show or something, and the guy is undoubtedly Floridian...


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