Let's go to Italy today...

A Tuscan landscape at sunrise.
A view of the inside of the 'Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II', in central Milan, Italy
Built from 70 to 80 A.D., the Roman Colosseum could hold between 50,000 and 80,000
people for public events and gladiator fights.
Relatively inaccessible, automobile-free, and  protective of local traditions, the quintet of Italian seaside villages called Cinque Terre (Five Lands)
 Cinque Terre at dusk
The Dolomite mountains of northern Italy
Find relaxation at spas with bubbling thermal waters, or on long stretches of secluded beaches overlooking the Gulf of Naples.
Ischia attracts only a fraction of the summer day-trippers that head for Capri from Naples.
Mount Epomeo, covered in lush greenery and ripe vineyards, towers over the
colorful village of Sant'Angelo on Ischia's south coast.
Take a gondola ride in Italy's most unique city - Venice.
The ancient city of Ragusa glows during the “blue hour” of twilight.
The Duomo and Florence skyline
The town of Positano is one of many along the Amalfi Coast, a famed stretch
known for its curving roads and breathtaking vistas.
The Pantheon in Rome - the world's oldest church was once a mosque.
Tourists wander narrow coastal streets in the friendly village of Sant'Angelo,
where everyone seems to know everyone else.

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