Saturday, June 22, 2024

Here's what's gonna happen in the first (and only) Biden/Trump debate next week...

Joe will be so jacked on ups and whatever else they pump him up on, that he'll develop a nervous tick a quarter of the way through. He'll try making faces and shaking his head in disgust and banter back and forth until the first commercial break. 
During that break, he'll have a massive coronary and kick it right there on the stage. They'll cut away to the talking heads and we'll suffer through three or four days of never-ending praise for the guy. The press will, of course, declare him the winner of the debate as an honorarium. We all win. 
The only loser? Hunter. The old man croaked before he could pardon him. That'll set the stage for any number of other pretenders to the throne to jump in and replace him, but it won't matter. 
Trump will beat anyone they throw up there - even Michelle My Belle. 
Juss' sayin'...

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  1. I outlined this scenario to my wife when they announced the debates.

  2. When its not your turn, they are turning off the microphone of the other candidate. Wasn't that a nice way of saying they want to control Trump so Biden can "think"?