Wednesday, May 29, 2024

What kinda shit are they throwing over the DMZ now?

According to a report in the New York Post, Kim Jun Yuck is lobbing dog shit at the South Koreans. South Korea has accused the North Korean regime of sending balloons containing garbage and animal shit into its territory.
Over 260 inflated balloons with plastic bags tied to them had been detected by Wednesday, according to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 

Some of the inflatables landed on the ground, while others were still airborne. They have no idea where they came from in North Korea, and every one comes with a surprise inside!

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  1. Does not make sense. Kim Jung Zero ordered his people to produce more feces to be used as fertilizer to increase food production for his own fat gut. Shipping sh.t out therefore does not make sense.

  2. I'm surprised if there are any dogs left in North Korea. They ate them all already, didn't they? And what would they feed them?


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