Wednesday, May 29, 2024

I'm so old, I can remember when MacDonalds was affordable. How about you?

This is nuts if you think about it. The guy who runs the company is bitching about how expensive his own products cost nowadays, but - in the same breath, he says they're not really that high after all. Which one is it? GTFOH.

Anyway, there a report in today's Daily Mail that says that McDonald's has written an unprecedented open letter to customers claining its price rises aren't as bad as some media is reporting. But in it president Joe Erlinger says prices have 'only' gone up 40 percent since before the pandemic - above inflation. The letter was aimed to calm the furore around the soaring cost of fast food - which is now so high that four in five Americans consider it a luxury. Imagine that - MacDonalds is now a 'luxury'.
From personal experience, I'll tell ya this. I'm a sucker for their Sausage Biscuit breakfast sandwich. Just 3 1/2 years ago (when DJT was in office) the sandwich cost 99 cents. It's $ 2.49 now. What's THAT rate of inflation, Joe?

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  1. It's his job to put as favorable spin on it as he can. And the Corporate HQ doesn't have that much control over franchisee prices. And there has always been a big spread in prices. Try buying Mickie D's on a limited access road like the Pennsylvania Turnpike or I-87 in NY north of NYC at their travel stop centers. They've always been several dollars more than your local neighborhood one.

  2. A lot of McDonald's restaurants are franchises that can set their own prices. McDonald's Corp is a real estate company that happens to occasionally operate restaurants.


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