Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The dilemna we're all facing in November...

Although I honest to god couldn't give less of a fuck if I tried about his opinion on anything, I do havta - kinda/sorta - agree with him on this one point. You all know that I support DJT, but I'll remind you that I do it reluctantly. Certainly there should have been a better choice for all of us in the election, but ya go with what ya got. Period.
According to one report, Trump's former AG called Joe Biden 'the greater threat to democracy,' after publicly breaking with Donald Trump over his election fraud claims. He announced he will support Trump in November in an interview on Fox News. He previously called Trump's election fraud claims 'bullshit,' in videotaped comments that came out during House January 6 hearings. He called Trump's alleged conduct in the January 6 indictment 'nauseating.'
The reality is he does sometimes exhibit abhorent behavior and, yes, he says totally inappropriate shit far too often, but there is little to doubt about his love for the country. With his policies of lower taxes and fewer regulations, and considering all the shit he's put up with and had to face over the last eight years, yeah, I want him for my President again. Especially against The Stumbler.
Who's his VP choice gonna be?


  1. Barr just looking to feed at the public trough again.

  2. Barr ... such a spineless sycophant, bending whichever way the political wind blows. No principles, unless you count Macchiavelli and self-interest.

  3. Somebody needs to write a book. Profiles in Cowardice. or maybe Waffles. Barr isn't the worst by far, but he'd rate a chapter.


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