Wednesday, February 21, 2024

This is not out of the realm of possibility for next November. You can quote me on this...

My reason for saying this? The more they deny it, the more they refute 
the rumors and heresay, the more likely it is that it will, inevitably happen. 
There's a tone of articles out there just in the last week denying and/or contradicting this concept, and that convinces me all the more that it's gonna happen. 
Wanna see what I'm talking about? Google the phrase 'michelle obama 2024 president' and see what comes up...
The only saving grace we have that it won't happen is Barack's ego will never let him be second fiddle....


  1. One tactic in politics is to delay the introduction of the true candidate until the last possible moment. This allows use of the putative candidate to act as a lightning rod for all criticism. The worse he looks the more thrilled and enthusiastic the voters are when given a viable alternative to choose. The last minute reveal limits the amount of time that the opposition have to attack the revealed candidate and also limits the time that voters have to absorb those attacks and take a more objective look at their new option. Recall, that even if the opposition KNOWS who the revealed candidate is to be, they cannot attack him or her, because that will only be called an attack on someone who isn't even in the game. In fact an early attack can often strengthen that candidate later.

    So, yeah. Michelle is comimg.

  2. She's got a Apple and a banana

  3. I'm anticipating Biden being in a similar scene as this ...

  4. I am sure Big Mike will be inserted at the DNC Convention.

  5. While I'm not a lawyer but when has mere LAW ever stopped the Democrats. I suspect that Moochelle would be for Prez and Barry would be VP. NOTHING I know about the Constitution prevents the President from stepping down and the VP moves up. The 3rd term of Obbumer.

    1. Fourth. We're in Odumbo's Third Term right now...

  6. The only bright side of this scenario is that the Clintons and the Obamas hate each other, and it would totally frost Hillary's ass for Mike to be the first "female" pResident.
    Frost her ass so much that Big Mike might not survive the election campaign...

  7. Nah. S(he)'s too fucking lazy to take that job. Her/his life is nice, easy and RICH.

  8. And who is going to use the freedom of information act to request the results of the prostate exam of big Mike?


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