Saturday, December 9, 2023

You can scream 'Death to Israel' all you want and get away with it, but use the 'N' word? Fuggedaboutit...

Edward Mathews, 47, was sentenced on Friday for years of racially abusing his black neighbors in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Victims told how Mathews had fired BB pellets at their cars, called them 'monkeys', put feces on their properties, and sent them threatening emails and letters. 
Mathews cried like a little fuckin' baby in court on Friday and said he was sorry. 'Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future,' he told the judge. 'I want to commit to rebuild the community.' Judge didn't give a fuck and threw the book at him.
He may be a big guy going in, but I'm thinking the brothers in the yard at Trenton State ain't exactly gonna lay out the welcome mat for him. He's gonna do some serious hard (and probably painful) time - that's is one mean fuckin' Pen. Juss' sayin'...


  1. More likely he will go into the Aryan Brotherhood for protection.

  2. Hey, I can understand the slurs and the yelling and screaming, but that whole smearing of the Pooh thing takes this to another level

  3. His actions cannot be justified. But his actions don't deserve 8 years. How many black murderers, car jackers, armed robbers, and drug dealers get lesser sentences?


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