Wednesday, November 29, 2023

This is what 'memorabilia' is all about...

When my older brother TJ died last year, I of course went over to Ireland for the funeral and afterwards mentioned to my sister-in-law Caroline if there was anything of Tom's that she thought he might have liked for me to have. 
When we went back in June for my niece's (his daughter) wdding, Caroline presented this to me. I haven't stopped tearing up yet. It is a perfect memory of him. I remember how proud he was for achieving this - and how proud my Dad was when he went to the award ceremony. 
Typical of my father, of course, the minute Tom put it down, my father wrote the date inside the box. 
A great keepsake. Thank you Tom - and Caroline...


  1. I have to say, one of my proudest moments as a father was when my son got his Eagle Scout award. I still have my "father's pin" on my blazer. It will never be removed; I want to be buried with that on my lapel.

    While the Scouts have succumbed to the Woke mob and watered down scouting; my son will, I hope, be remembered as one of the last "True" Eagle Scouts. With all he's achieved, being an Eagle Scout is one that he is most proud of.

  2. Sorry for your loss, that's a great memory.

  3. Earning the rank of Eagle Scout is a huge accomplishment for any kid. What a wonderful memento and remembrance of your brother to own.

  4. Beautiful memory Joe. I hope you have someone you can pass it to when it’s your time to leave

  5. It's funny what the touchstones of memory are. I can't have Christmas lights at the house without thinking of my brother who died hanging them on his house. He had been in Gulf War, Part 1 and died hanging Christmas tree lights. Our sister died just before Thanksgiving a few years back. I spent Thanksgiving with her and her family just before she took ill. A full blown turkey dinner on the table and I'm transported back.

    I'm sorry for your loss.

  6. Sorry for your loss,Joe....achieving Eagle status was a true least, for our generation....


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