Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Buying votes and impressing idiots...

The former students will soon receive an email from Biden notifying them that their debt has been forgiven - despite the fact that his plan to cancel $400 billion in debt was rejected by the Supreme Court in June. The email - making clear that the help has come from Biden - read: 'Congratulations - your student loan has been forgiven because of actions my administration took to make sure you receive the relief you earned and deserve.'
I have an idea, you mumbling fuckwad - why not 'forgive' my fuckin' mortgage while you're at it. How can this guy get away with this by executive order alone? What can Congress do - if anything - to reverse this fuckin' giveaway and force these jerkoffs to pay their own way?

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  1. Three times I tried to publish my response to no avail. Apparently it does like American White Male Marine responses.

    1. I'm convinced that Blogspot has a pre-publishing censor algorithm on comments, especially if it doesn't know who you are. Note, just because you choose Anonymous in the drop down doesn't mean Blogspot doesn't know.

  2. Time for this shithead to expire....he's polluted the atmosphere for several decades....I first heard him speak in 1972, and I remember saying to my Dad at the time, that this guy is a crook....I suppose Delaware, being the choice of corporations everywhere to file for corporate status, would be the choice of a scoundrel like honest state would've kept on sending this obvious crook back to congress year after year....and Delaware, being so seemingly unobtrusive, just went by the wayside, unnoticed....

  3. FJB The POS MFR! May he join Kissinger the SOS bastard in Hell soon!


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