Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Traditions mean nothing to these new Dems - even in New York City...

NYC Mayor Eric Adams considers housing migrants 
at Gracie Mansion - the Mayor's own residence...

Wouldn't it be a lot cheaper to put them on a bus and send 'em back to wherever the fuck they came from in the first place?
New York Post reporting - Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday threw out the welcome mat at Gracie Mansion to migrants — saying he’d be happy to house asylum-seekers at the site, which boasts grandeur  most New Yorkers can only dream about.
“I am a big believer in leading from the front,” Adams said  when asked by The Post if he would offer up his own stately, historic Upper East Side home as part of the city’s new plan to pay to house migrants in private residences.
“If it doesn’t go against legal protocols — there are protocols in place so I can’t use the building in any way I want — but I don’t have a problem if I could put a migrant family in Gracie Mansion.”

 The 224-year-old estate on East 88th Street — which Adams claims is haunted by ghosts — boasts lovely views of the East River and five bedrooms on the second floor, with the downstairs largely used for receptions and events hosted by City Hall. The property is also rented out for non-city functions such as weddings.Adams said he is seeking “cheaper” housing options for the city’s rush of migrants.


  1. If they changed the law, he'd change his tune.

  2. Only one family? In that huge mansion? How much room do you need? Hypocrite!! C'mon man up. I guess I am okay if it is a family of 20. If not, take in a couple family's or at least a few cartel drug dealers to operate out of there.

  3. sending them back makes too much sense for the dipshit to do. then again he might be able to scam some more federal dollars to house the worthless people that come here to get a free ride on OUR dime.
    really, I wonder just how much money we could save if we just sent them all back. when I think of all the bennies they are giving these assholes for breaking our laws, I get sick to my stomach.
    I mean where does it say, we have to take care of all the lazy and worthless in the world ?
    don't we have enough here already with the welfare class ?

  4. If it doesn’t go against legal protocols... and there's his out


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