Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Are we on verge of vaccinating against cancer?

Another promising shot treats two of the deadliest and 
fastest-rising forms of the disease, early study shows 

A phase 1, first-in-human trial presented at a cancer conference 
in Chicago this weekend showed that an off-the-shelf vaccine in development lowered the risk of relapse in patients with colon and pancreatic cancer. 
It does this by using amino acid chains called peptides to attack the KRAS mutation in the cancers. All patients in the trial saw an immune response with few minor side effects. 
Additional trials are needed, but the researchers are hopeful this could improve survival of two of the deadliest and fastest-rising forms of the disease.
The full report can be found here:

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  1. THe real question is, would you believe them when they say they have a cancer vaccination?
    Or, at this point, a vaccination for anything?


  2. "More studies are needed".
    Nah, just force everybody to get the shot and find out.
    "Follow the science".

  3. Given that the latest "vaccine" appears to both cause cancers by destroying the immune system and cause cancers in "remission" to come back as "turbo cancer" as oncologists are calling it, I wouldn't get my hopes up about anything coming from the murderers at bigPharma. Instead, I would be beyond skeptical and suspect that any new shot is actually designed to inflict even more death than the mRNA jabs were designed to inflict.


What are they thinking, Calvin?