Thursday, June 1, 2023

He'd almost be likable if he didn't do shit like this...

Trump went back to his 2016 playbook of ridiculing his GOP rivals, 
this time ripping Ron DeSantis for his dual pronunciation of his own name, and Chris Christie for his weight. DeSantis pronounced his name 'Ron dee-Santis' during his campaing announcement, but sometimes says is like 'da-Santis.' His Christie attack came in a repost of a slam by Roger Stone, who got a presidential commutation days before Trump left office. Christie is expected to jump into the presidential contest within days.
If he'd get his tongue to mellow out and stop slinging mud and bullshit like this, I'd be all for him. Right now I'm on the fence with him. I would much rather hear him talk policy and plans for the future than playing this schoolyard name-calling bullshit. 
Leave that to the Dems, Don - they have nothing else to say...


  1. What kind of insecurity and personality flaws compel an otherwise smart person to do this kind of shit? Now he’s gone off on Kayleigh McEnany. WTF?

  2. Yep, Trump's not winning any new voters when he calls people names, of course they've called him lots of names too

  3. I think he shows considerable restraint after all the rank bullshit the left and the media have put him through.
    He's still fighting for US, They're still fighting for themselves.
    It would do us all well not to forget that.