Saturday, June 3, 2023

Embracing wokery while on tour? Okay, Taylor. Guess I won't be buying any of your albums anyway...

 What I don't understand is why this subject is so important 
to so many celebrities. Do they really think it enhances them somehow?  
And I guess I missed that whole 'safe space' disertation, also. 
Hey - let's be clear on one thing here. If you or anyone you know is any one of those letters they love to talk about, good for you and/or them. Be happy. Live your life the way you want to. I don't care. I think it's great that youcan live in this world and make the decisions you make freely. 
I'd really just prefer that you - and all the celebrities who aren't any of those letters - just keep it to yourselves and let us live the same, normal lives you aspire to. AND, she is still pretty friggin' smokin' hot. I guess that's what money'll do for ya. Juss' sayin'...

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  1. I can tell you why it's so important to the woke. Remember hearing, "Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour" from like everyone everywhere in the 80s? Same thing here but different "religion" I know wokeism isn't technically a religion and that its debatable whether or not it is. It is a state mandated ideal. Since the state can't mess with religion, they are latching onto the new non religion. Humans need religion and wokeism is a good substitute for religion. It allows a,lot of evil in the name of good. That's very appealing to humanity.

    What we need to fix it is a realization that ideas are dangerous. Free speech has to go. Leftists don't allow ot without severely punishing it. The right should fo.the same.

    Access to technology also has no place gor the stupid. The internet has amplified wokeism to levels that I bet are making Antoinette shiver in her grave.


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