Monday, May 29, 2023

Even the illegals wanna be Florida Men...

You're not in Texas anymore, Dorothy - it's happening everywhere. 
It must really suck where these people live. I imagine if we stopped giving them so much free shit, the problem wouldn't be so bad.
US Border Patrol agents said a 40-foot fishing vessel came ashore near Pompano Beach Sunday afternoon carrying 19 haggard migrants, all of them believed to be hailing from Haiti, save for one from the Dominican Republic.
“I have a friend that lives on this street and he called me when I got home from work and said, ‘I’ve got people in my backyard climbing the fence,’” resident Harvey Villa told Local 10.

Other migrants - including two pregnant women and several children - ended up on the properties of local homeowners after the boat emptied passengers into the streets. Startled residents called police, and border officials soon arrived at the scene.
If they got away they mighta been fucked. Captured? 
They'll get a free bus ride to New York City...

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