Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Alzheimer's stole my father from us. Don't let it happen to you...

There are signs you can look for and treatments available that can slow - but not stop - the advancement of this insidious disease.
Find out more about it - especially if you recognize any of these signs in a relative or loved one - here:


  1. Thank you for that. Alz runs in my wife’s family, we are in our early 60’s now and I watch her like a hawk, wondering if every forgetful moment, every repeated conversation, every time I tell her “you already told me that” is a harbinger of things to come or if it’s just her age. I pray daily that she doesn’t succumb to this dreadful condition.

    1. The proper diet can stave off or reverse it. I leave it to you to do the proper research - don't try going the pharmacological route, Big Pharma can't do as good a job. And it's cheaper and healthier!

  2. Treatments might work for 6 months at best. Truthfully, the sooner my mom was freed of her suffering the better for her in my opinion (and hers too). A truly horrible disease.