Monday, May 29, 2023

45 years ago was a million years ago, if ya get my drift...


  1. yeah, I was in west Berlin for that. when my grandson goes thru my picture albums and asks me what the berlin wall is, it does make you feel old. but I do remember Europe was a lot cleaner back then compared to what I see now. funny there was maybe 3-4 weeks of summer there. or at least over 75. but it was dark for maybe 5-6 hours
    during that time. come out of a bar at 2-3 am and its getting light ? dave in pa.

  2. I do think life was nicer then. People left their keys in the car, the house unlocked etc... I found Europe nice but some parts were pretty scruffy. Spain was a rubbish tip when I was there.
    Godlessness is not making us better.


Calvin at story time...