Thursday, March 23, 2023

What's next for the Catholic Church - charging for weddings?

ROME — The economically-ailing Vatican has inaugurated a 120,000-square-foot shopping mall to cater to the millions of tourists and pilgrims that visit it each year.
After eating millions of dollars in losses on bad investments and running a serious deficit for several years in a row, the Vatican has opened the “Caput Mundi” Mall a stone’s throw from Saint Peter’s Basilica as an added revenue stream to supplement its flagging finances.
The new mall boasts over 40 boutiques featuring select Italian and foreign brands and includes clothing, accessories, jewelry, toys, cosmetics, and an exclusive and innovative food hall complete with a sushi bar.
Maybe I can get them to sell my wife's jewelry in the Vatican gift shop. Yeah - probably not, but until then:
Do you have a special occasion of some kind like 
a birthday, an anniversary or some other 
event worth celebrating coming up? 

Click on the picture above for information on this specific item.
You can find something nice for your Mom, your wife, 
your daughter or your girlfriend right here:


  1. Indulgences - 2 for $1000, or a family plan for $10000 (great deal for most Catholics).

    1. Pretty sure the Bidens and the Pelosis thought up that last one.

  2. I work at a funeral home. The Catholic church charges for EVERYTHING!! They charge for the priest, the sacristan, organ player, altar boys, use of the chapel, etc..... I actually had a deacon come find me to complain that the check wasn't enough..... SCREW THE CATHOLIC CHURCH!!

  3. The Vatican: Go woke, go broke?

  4. Before I completely lapsed as a Catholic, the parish church I attended was a cash cow for the diocese . Enter a new pastor with a woke agenda, and within a few years the church went from overflowing at Sunday Masses to practically nothing - and the cash to the bishop dried up to a trickle .

    Go woke - go broke .