Thursday, March 23, 2023


New york Post and other sources - The Blackhawks won’t wear Pride jerseys for pregame warmups Sunday as previously scheduled, according to multiple reports, and despite participating in the past, they’ll become the latest NHL team to decline this season.
The Athletic, Associated Press and Chicago Sun-Times all reported on the pivot, with anonymous sources citing safety concerns for Russian players as a primary reason - with The Athletic adding that the move was made by “team management and security officials” and not the players.
Earlier in the season, the Wild and the Rangers also decided to not wear the Pride-themed jerseys for warmups, while individual players - such as Flyers defender Ivan Provorov and Sharks goalie James Reimer - also have skipped warmups this season and refused to wear the jersey.

“We do not condone anti-LGBTQIA+ rhetoric, and we stand firmly with the community,” the Blackhawks said in a statement, according to The Athletic. “While we know gameday celebrations like these are an important way we can use our platform to bring visibility, it is the work we do together 365 days a year that can create true impact in ensuring all of our colleagues, fans and communities feel welcomed and safe within our sport.”
My world is falling apart day by day. How's yours holding up?

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