Thursday, March 23, 2023

As if the nosey neighbors aren't a big enough pain in the ass...

If you have Alexa or Siri in your house, you know they're always listening - that's why you tell your wife you need butter and the next time you go online you see an ad for Breakstone Whipped Butter. I get it. But the appliances? 
That's different and kinda creepy. A friend of mine has a Samsung fridge that has a friggin' TV screen on te door - cost her $ 5,500.00 for that little gadget. Of course the fucker's watching while you bake the biscuits. But the washing machine?

The DailyMail did a story on this. Be prepared - Big Brother IS watching:


  1. Ms. Kravits was packing that shirt! Hehe

    1. Only a s*** f*** like 1ofmyreaderswouldthinktolookatmissuscravitztits


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