Wednesday, March 22, 2023

If you're a doom-and-gloom guy, every day brings more proof that we all die - eventually...

Every day it's something new - something horrible that's gonna kill us all. It's a never-ending stream of 'Oh, my God!'s from these people. The reality is, nobody makes it out of here alive, so shut the fuck up already. Has anyone ever heard anyone say that 'the problem is there's too many fuckin' people'? Therein lies the dilemma, McDuff.

Read this article if you haven't gotten your daily fix of 'Get the fuck outta here with this shit already':


  1. Translation: send the UN lots of money. wont solve anything but the UN will stop talking about that and move on to the next crisis.

    1. China is spending too much money buying the UN to help with the destruction of the USA. It is time the USA starts paying for it themselves.

  2. The only person I've heard say "There are too many people" is Bill Gates.