Sunday, March 26, 2023

I have a question. Seriously - I need somebody to 'esplain this to me...

This report in today's New York Post says that this trannie 'woman' 
got wacked in the nuts by a TSA agent at the airport. That may or may not be true, but I gotta ask - how many 'women' do you know who have nutsacks? 
I kinda thought that if you had balls, you're a guy. Am I confused or just behind the times on some new biology shit?

Read this and weap for this generation:


  1. "Anyone know what I can do?" Sure. Check into a mental institution and don't leave until you get to and transcend the root causes of the horrific fear that you have that is keeping you from being comfortable with the truth that you are a man and have a future as a man, regardless of whatever else you might think. Either that or just end it all now.

    1. "Anyone know what I can do?" Sure" don't get pregnant.

  2. Will probably be a millionaire and the TSA agent fired before the year is up. The country is so fucking doomed.


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