Monday, March 27, 2023

Do that many of us really not like the country we live in?

Long-held values like patriotism, religion and community involvement 
are in retreat across America, according to a stunning poll released today. The Wall Street Journal/NORC survey found that just 38% of Americans say patriotism is “very important” to them, down from 70% who said the same in 1998.
Slightly more Americans (39%) placed the same importance on religion, down from 62% who said faith was “very important” to them 25 years ago.
​The percentage of Americans who said raising children was “very important” fell to 30% in the new poll, down from 59% in 1998. Meanwhile, the share of Americans who valued involvement in their community as “very important” fell to 27% — down from a high of 62% in 2019, the last time the question was polled.
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  1. It is exactly what they are working to do. When you lose faith and trust in all your institutions you are more willing to accept something different. It is the undermining of our home by our in-country traitors.

  2. If we could just eliminate all the democrats (communist/socialists), the country would be fine....I've been to a few places around the world....I'll live here, thanks....too bad that guillotine idea can't be made to happen....