Sunday, February 5, 2023

They're even trying to pussify Super Bowl Monday? Jeez....

Tennessee state representatives have proposed a bill that would replace October's Columbus Day with a 'Super Bowl Monday,' thereby allowing hungover football fans to recuperate rather than calling in sick. State senator London Lamar and representative Joe Towns Jr. have sponsored versions of the bill in both chambers of the Tennessee General Assembly.
'In the upcoming final version of the bill, we won't be replacing any other holidays,' Towns said in a statement to Yahoo Sports. 'But with more than 16 million Americans expected to skip work the day after the Super Bowl and about 8 million expected to ask for the day off in advance, we're talking about a major hit to the workforce.
I don't know why they're worried down there - Tennessee Titans fans have seen their team have only one Super Bowl shot since the team moved to Nashville from Houston in 1997. 


  1. I add a pound of salt to anything I read in the newspapers, particularly NY newpapers.

  2. And I thought the Road-Kill Bill was embarrassing...
    This is what the Tennessee Legislature does instead of something.

  3. Just have the game on Saturday and even the kids can watch it all. This isn’t hard.


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