Tuesday, February 7, 2023

So much for a Trump/DeSantis ticket. The mud slinging has begun...

Honest to god I didn't expect Big D to do shit like this. 
He's gonna piss off an awful lot of people - like me.  
Trump reposted an image by a commenter who said rival Ron DeSantis was 'grooming' high school girls, and who posted a 20-year old photo allegedly from when DeSantis was a teacher. 'He would never do such a thing!' Trump wrote sarcastically, above a picture of a smiling man who resembles DeSantis in the bowl cut he had at the time. He is surrounded by three alleged high school seniors. One of the girls is holding what appears to be a brown glass bottle, but there is no evidence anyone photographed violated any laws.


  1. Who among us would not have done the same thing, given the opportunity?


I will not let you forget her...

Thank you, Miss Nikki...