Saturday, January 28, 2023

A great article about a bad-ass battle machine...

 Here's a really in-depth article with pictures about the US' M1A1 battle tank I'm sure you'll appreciate.

This is one seriously kick-ass weapon system. Find the article here - you'll enjoy it in spite of the 8,000 ads and pop-ups:


  1. Mostly bad ass because of the training and teamwork of a combined arms team. Having total control of the air also helps by keeping attack helicopters from zapping it from above. M1's have been blasted into scrap in Saudi Service against Hothi rebels recently.

  2. The M1A1 was first produced in 1980. It has long been replaced. The current M1A2 is likewise obsolete. The latest and greatest (newest) version, the M1A2SEPV4 is still being produced but will be in the US Army inventory "soon." The new tank is the version that "Old Joe" Biden wants to send to Ukraine. We have none to send them today and of course, we're talking about millions of US taxpayer dollars to produce just one tank.


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