Friday, December 2, 2022

Take it easy, Yeezy - yer gonna blow a gasket...

Kanye West (middle) has been booted off Twitter after new owner Elon Musk (right) said the rapper had 'gone too far' for sharing an image of a swastika inside a Star of David as his 'presidential campaign symbol'. West's account was initially locked for 12 hours, and later suspended. It's unclear whether the suspension is temporary or permanent. He shared what appears to be a text message exchange (left) with the billionaire tech entrepreneur during his wild social media meltdown on Thursday night. Musk, who reinstated West's banned Twitter account just last month after taking control of the company, said the rapper was encouraging violence. 'I tried my best,' Musk wrote (inset) on his social media platform after Twitter deleted West's offending tweet and temporarily locked his account. Shortly afterward, Musk tweeted 'FAFO' which are initials for the term 'fuck around, and find out.'

To read the full story about this outta control nut job, just click on the picture montage on top.

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  1. The left now will be SCREAMING at Elon, something about 'free speech'.

  2. some assholes will do or say anything to get attention. I be willing to bet he knows little to nothing about that time and place in history. he just another moron who has to have everyone looking and talking about his dumb ass.

  3. I sat let the fucker say what he don't like what he says, don't read it....that's freedom of speech....

  4. So, now the symbol for "Raelism" is a nazi thing?.... You boomer fuckwits are a pox on this nation. All opinion NO intellect.


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