Friday, December 9, 2022

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The inmates are running the asylum...

I have to first point out that Wednesday was December 7th, 2022 and this fuckin' nimnod is still wearing a mask. That HAS to tell you something. 
I will never understand the level of idiocy these people exhibit when it comes to both fiscal responsibility, and personal integrity.
LA just went through this same bullshit also. What makes these (evidently there are a dozen or so more cities doing the same thing) people think that I - the second generation of Immigrants - should give one motherfuckin' penny to someone who's great great great great great grandfather was sold by black slave traders in Africa 200 friggin' years ago? Shit makes me crazy.

There is a story here if you have the stomach for it. You'll find it here:

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  1. there used to be asylums for people like this; wall decorations were primarily used matresses.

  2. Tishaura should know that all she'll do is drive every non-black out of St. Louis and out of her taxing jurisdiction. Leaving her with a unique hellhole of a city crime wave to deal with. Reparations are a idiot approach to bribing many urban blacks to behave themselves and pretend that they are bona fide members of civilization. It will never work. You can't bribe them into not behaving like barbarians. It's wasted money. As soon as its gone, they'll revert to whatever they do now.

  3. and who pray tell will pay for said reparations?

  4. So these people want slavery reparations from people that never had slaves and given to people that were never slaves. They claim Whites have held them back but nothing can be shown from what. Blacks scream racism but I have found the most racist are the Blacks from personal experience. The most crime is in Black areas by Blacks against other Blacks, and Blacks have the most crime against other races. Overall reparations sounds like a con or scam to me.

  5. And I quote Martin Luther King....:"58% of the crime in this country is perpetrated by the 13% of the country that is's time we reviewed our moral code and stop blaming the white man for all of our troubles, which are mostly self perpetuated"....a loose rendering, but upon closer inspection, proven to be accurate enough...


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