Thursday, December 8, 2022

Don't be stupid. there is NO privacy on the web...

I have no idea why anyone would ever think that somehow no one is watching what they do online. Of course they are. And the biggest tech operators are the biggest abusers of your personal data. Think for a minute - is it a coincidence that you go online to search for a recipe for mishroom soufle and the next thing you know you're seeing ads for dried porcinies? Of course it isn't. And it's across all platforms. AND - a VPN is bullshit. It may mask (sort) your ISP ID, but it doesn't prevent cookies from coming and going wherever the fuck they want. 

Word to the wise? Juss be cool. Don't do anything stupid, and if you have to buy something online, use a third party payer like Venmo or Paypal. That way at least you'll have recourse if something does get fucked up. Juss' sayin'.
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