Friday, August 12, 2022

He can probably afford it, but it still sucks...

For whatever reason, if nobody got hurt, I really can't feel bad for the guy, can you? It's not like he didn't have the friggin' thing insured for twice it's real value.
The $25million, 150ft Aria SF was moored off the west coast of Spanish island Formentera, in the Mediterranean, when it caught fire on Thursday afternoon and was completely destroyed. 
Nine passengers and seven crew were on board at the time the blaze broke out, and were all rescued unharmed and taken to safety. 
The ship was owned by 62-year-old Italian businessman Paulo Scudieri - worth an estimated $500million - and he only took delivery of his prize last month, having ordered it in 2019. 

It is not clear if Mr Scudieri, who owns a car-parts manufacturer, was on board at the time the fire broke out. The Aria's glitzy launch in the city of Ancona last month was accompanied by an opera singer, chamber orchestra and tricolore confetti cannon in the colours of the Italian flag, as Mr Scudieri cheered the sight of a champagne bottle smashing against the hull.


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  1. Was that an electric boat?...juss askin'!


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