Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Another dud in Joe's arsenal...

Biden’s cheerleading of a gas tax holiday is putting him at odds with Democratic legislators across the country who have spent months spurning such calls.
Top Democrats in Massachusetts and Rhode Island are flat-out rejecting Biden’s plea, citing the potential for lost revenue streams for infrastructure projects and minimal savings for consumers. In California, Democratic legislative leaders who rebuffed Gov. Gavin Newsom’s attempt to stop a gas tax hike from going into effect July 1 are resisting calls for a gas tax holiday from Republicans and moderate Democrats.
And even as Biden lauds New York and Connecticut for suspending their gas taxes, motorists aren’t seeing much in the way of savings at the pump in either state.
The president has said he is open to ideas such as suspending their gas taxes or “find other ways to deliver some relief.” 
And states have been pursuing  stupid and expensive ideas like sending out some kind of relief checks and finding other types of tax breaks, none of which will help make a difference.
With Democrats already distancing themselves from Biden amid his weak poll numbers and his administration’s struggle to tamp down inflation, state lawmakers’ inaction on his gas tax gambit is just the latest example of the limits of the president’s reach and power.

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  1. The president has said he is open to ideas such as suspending their gas taxes or “find other ways to deliver some relief.”

    Joe, you could start by un-fucking everything you've done for the last seventeen months.

    1. you're talking to him Joe not me Joe I'm thinking...

  2. And yet somehow the price of gas is down 0.10-0.20 here in NJ where there is no state tax holiday either.


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